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Digital Workers simplify your automation experience

What is Roobotix?

Roobotix simple approach to process automation enables your teams to automate repetitive and time consuming digital tasks without the pain and overhead of purchasing software licenses and up skilling your teams. Roobotix significantly lowers your automation total cost of ownership, enabling you to scale your automated process across your entire business in a truly frictionless manner.

Consumption based pricing

Only pay for the time you use. Your digital workers are available 24x7x365, but you only pay when you use them with no upfront licencing cost.

Fully managed servicing enables rapid scaling

Achieve truly impressive ROI by scaling your automations at pace.

Boost the effectiveness of your organisation with virtual co-workers

Data accuracy
Improve compliance
Reduction process operating cost

Why automation matters to you?

Fully managed service

Every step of your Roobotix journey is meticulously managed by our inhouse team of automation experts to make sure you get the best out of your digital workers.

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We will guide you through capturing your process in a concise and clear way. Working with you to overcome, process inefficiency and pain-points, Roobotix will ensure that your process is fit for automation before moving on to the next stage.

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Roobotix will work with you to define when and how your automated process will transition into service. We will carefully monitor the early life of the automation to make sure it is operating exactly as you need.

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Once your process has been captured, Roobotix will carefully manage the development and testing of your automated business process. Your dedicated Automation Manager will keep you informed about each step of the way.

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Roobotix will proactively monitor your automation regularly reporting to you on performance. We will advise you on how to get the best out of the automation and optimise it as your business grows.


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